and it isn’t even mercury retrograde!

Maybe it’s just a sign, synchronicity soaring, working for you, even if it isn’t the feel good kind.

“Everything is working out for me” is a mantra I learned from Abraham Hicks. I use it often to help me let go and fall into grace.

Speaking of falling into grace, that’s what just happened to me today and that’s what I have for you too.

Today Spirit Voyage is starting a Global Sadhana called Falling Into Grace. It’s led by glorious singer/song writer/yoga teacher Jai Jagdeesh and is a nice, short practice full of self-love, enlivening movement, nurturing self-care and deep relaxation. Do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes today, someday, or even every day for the next 40 days to experience this beautiful gift absolutely free.…




And now for my blogFalling out of Frustration and inefficient force…into grace by trusting and aligning with The Force!

Last week I started working on a fun email about what every mom doesn’t want to happen (and what did happen at my house that week). It was on my list to finish and send out today. However, after spending 45 minutes plugging away at it, it just wasn’t working. All kinds of kinks were clogging up my flow, technological glitches were happening left and right and something inside was just nagging at me.

It was not feeling good.

But I wasn’t listening.

After I practiced the global sadhana, I heard a message to just keep it simple today and send a quick email out with the global sadhana link.

I didn’t listen. I didn’t care. I was determined to trudge on, to accomplish my goal, to send the email I was already working on.

I sat down and spun my wheels. As I did, I felt confused, I felt frustrated, I felt worried (that time was ticking away and I should be walking my dogs before it got too hot). I did not feel good inside and for what? For success? For getting the job done how I previously thought it should be done?

That’s when I realized, if finishing something means I move out of my state of joy and flow, it’s just not worth it.

It’s ok to stop, to breathe, to put it down, go for that walk, do what feels good and come back to it later.

It’s also ok to change your mind.

It took Jordan coming in for me to fully admit to myself what was going on AND to choose to care about how I was feeling more than I did about getting the job done. I had to let go of determination in order to fall into grace.

And that’s when I fully heard the message. I fully realized that listening to Spirit is important, not just to me, but also to others. Someone might need that global sadhana more than they need my blog this week.

So, here it is…this week’s email, a lesson in letting go, in listening to our own internal guidance systems, in choosing to feel good no matter what, in trusting that everything is working out for us, and in falling into grace.

Cheers to that! Enjoy the nurturement you will find by falling into grace. You deserve it! We all do!

(and if you want to know what happened at my house last week, stay tuned and I’ll get that out in Divine timing and order) 🙂

Sat Nam!



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