We’re just going to pick right up where we left off last week! At the end of last week’s blog, I left you with a journaling prompt. These were the questions I asked:

1.I know this transition (fill in the blank) is giving me an experience of feeling unsettled, uneasy and somewhat frustrated, anxious, and even afraid (fill in the blank), but what is my growth opportunity here?

2.What are the desires that are being birthed?

3.How do I allow myself to experience those more freely and fully here and now?

As I sat with these prompts, this is what came through for me:

Do I have to just suck it up and make it through the summer to the fall and next school year? Do I have to find a way to totally structure my summer by putting my kids in camps every week and ensuring I have my time at home to myself on a regular basis throughout the summer? Do I tighten the structure that I’m finding is so loose, that my kids seem to be able to handle but I struggle with, or do I loosen up myself, relax and float downstream with this opportunity to connect differently with my kids and myself for a season?

As I asked these questions, a lot of information came to light. I turned not to the rational mind for answers, but to the wisdom of my heart mind.

I started to see and feel the growth opportunities surrounding this heightened sense of challenge. I aligned with the desires that are real to me based on what would generally feel good inside.

Here’s the video with powerful coyote message. Note: Funny video with Evie below.

Transitions, Divine Solutions & a Powerful Coyote Message

Now for the full blog…

I released the pounding pressure and heavy responsibility that I was putting on myself. There was no need for it. I could let myself off the hook. My kids are Divine too and their path isn’t entirely up to me to lead them on or to control.

I decided to focus on feeling better in the moment myself and turn it all over to the Divine.

Sure enough I found myself being soothed, and I began to see how Divine Solutions were lighting up in and around me.

I believe they will for you too. Only you can find the answers that lead toward the growth or Divine Solutions that are right for you, your family, or anyone involved in the situation.

And once you start this process, expect to be supported in ways beyond logic.

Watch Synchronicity Soar and get the Guidance you need!

For me, right around the time this all started surfacing, early this week, a coyote crossed my path, and I knew synchronicity was soaring!

When a coyote crosses my path I realize it’s time to loosen up. The coyote showed me that the growth and Divine Solution for me would be to surrender some of my ideas of how I think things “should” be and start enjoying more play, more calm, & more ease and to trust the Divine feminine power to work upon my behalf.

The feminine is about flow, nurture, going inward, taking it easy, being a subtle but powerful creative force, passive action, knowing, connection. This is a different power than the masculine power of structure, form, direction, action, lessons, learning, logic.

The masculine has been the way of power for some time, but the feminine is rising to offer balance.

And, balance is what it brings. It brings more trust, more collaboration, more knowing, more connection, more mindfulness & presence into the equation.

One of the big things for me is to let go of the pressure to do all the right things as a mom and to do all the right things for my kids.

Well, the Divine Feminine power is that of being and knowing that being is enough. Being with my kids and knowing that I’m enough, and they’re enough no matter what I’m doing, what they are doing or what we are doing together is incredibly powerful!

When I’m in that mindset, they can feel it and so can I. It’s powerful, and what happens turns out to be MAGIC!

Written down by my niece Maddy Hart, talented artist.

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

Groovy interactions come about, fun ideas are shared, fresh new experiences happen, things work out within Divine Solutions to provide a fresh experience that is a win-win for each and all. And, the soul gets to experience the growth that it was ready for, which is why this transition happened like this in the first place.

We really can let go of the form and embrace the function of what really does feel good inside.

Check out these resourceful ideas from my experience, and if something resonates for you, invite the energy + essence into your experience and see how it unfolds uniquely for you.

****Here’s some of the Divine Solutions that unfolded last week to help me feel better inside.

  • More Frisky Time-IN’s for myself. The Mommy Time IN is the BEST tool to allow for more ease and flow in all ways. (This means taking time IN for yourself whenever you need it to do whatever lights you up or to just, well, BE for a little while.)
  • I did a lot of intentional breathing, just on the fly, here and there, anytime or anywhere. It’s easy and it works. It’s a process shared with me by Sharon Wilson, mentor, friend, and Founder of Coaching from Spirit Institute.

(Be sure and watch this week’s video where I fully explain and lead you through a short practice of Intentional Breathing for Divine Solutions. It’s one of my favorite practices to help me align+allow and feel better inside fast. I think you’ll love it too.)

  • I called a friend who I knew could support me in seeing from a broader perspective and in showing up for myself and my family with grace, ease, and empowered choice. (Phone a friend is a real tool. Use it!)
  • I found myself prematurely “cleaning up” a paint mess, but made a choice to stop and become aware of the perfectionist pushing me forward inside. I saw her, loved her and and Self-parented her to see that creativity and messes are OK! There is so much beauty in a creativity mess, and all messes are just that. I started painting right then and there, so I too could enjoy creating and, for a time, the glorious the mess that it makes. These were the result of our extended art time. The beautiful lady was inspired by an online art show I watched that week, mine being a lot more simple and quirky. 🙂 When’s the last time you did something artistic and/or made a mess? Even just drawing a beautiful moment from your week or day can make you feel lighter and more connected with life.

Art by Evie Brock, ZoeJoDesignStudio, & Me

  • Slime Time with Evie – LOL! Seriously, this video will make you laugh out loud! (I’ll give you a hint…it involves a Funny F~word.)

Funny Slime Time LOL!!!


  • Went for walks and had fun swimming in the pool.
  • Got creative in the pool, diving for Shopkins, which make great little dive toys, playing dibble dabble, my favorite childhood pool game. (Popsicle eating was necessary to get a stick – I partook.)
  • Went on a paddle board adventure with friends.
  • Watched Harry Potter 1 after finishing the audiobook. I’m loving this quote from Dumbledore. “One can find happiness in the darkest of times if you only remember to turn on the lights.
  • Laid in a play teepee and fell asleep listening to the first part of Harry Potter 2. (Audiobooks are such an easy way to integrate reading/literature any time of year, plus I can fall asleep while they listen if indeed I’m in need a power nap.)
  • Took several power naps. It feels good to refresh on the fly.
  • Wrote this blog.
  • Played basketball with Benjamin.
  • As I loosened up, our time at home got easier, and some easy plans unfolded for the kids to attend some great local summer camps.

I hope, like me, you begin to find your Divine Solutions.

We really can appreciate transitions as a beautiful a part of life, and we can trust that through them all, we remain on some level healed, whole & truly worthy of happiness.

If you know a mom or someone else who could benefit from hearing this, please share this on.

Also, here’s a link to some free Unicorn treats, along with the opportunity to be a part of the Frisky Friday Frenzy! www.kelcihartbrock.love

Happy summer everyone!


P.S. Hello there background by my friend Jen @ ZoeJoDesignStudio at https://www.flickr.com/people/zoejoprint/

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