It’s Frisky Friday! But wait, what if it’s not feeling frisky. There can be lots of culprits, and many of the time it turns out to be…


Here’s the video: How to deal with transition…welcoming Divine Solutions

How to deal with transition...welcoming Divine Solutions

Now for the full blog!

If there’s one thing that can stifle our inner frisk, it’s good ol’ transition.

Let’s face it, transition can be, well, not so frisky and not so fun.

Transitions can be quite frustrating, bring up all the lower level vibes, and keep us from feeling the way we really want to feel.

Photo by Daniel Garcia on Unsplash

Yep, a couple of weeks ago, I had to admit that as excited as I am about summer, the summer time transition was bringing up some internal heat and presenting itself as a full-on challenge?

Some people long to lay in bed and wake up only when they feel like it or be able to do whatever they want all day long. I think it’s nice too.


I do get plenty of this throughout the school year, but most of the time there’s getting up, getting ready, getting a move on. I was jiving with a school time schedule that has just really gotten going for us this year, now that Evie is 5. Yes, I did thoroughly appreciate the late start and flexibility we have at my kids’ progressive school, but still, it was a routine that I was used to and enjoyed. I relied on it to help me have structure and, let’s be real, stay sane.

I also loved that they were passed off to other capable mentors who could nurture their growth, development and learning experience. This relieved the pressure and responsibility from all falling on me. If you’re a mom, you know what I mean.

Now a week into the summer and our free for all, stay at home and just do, well, whatever…all…day…long…way of life, well, it was driving me a little crazy.

When it’s just me in the house during the day, I move through my restless anxiety and any internal pressure about doing the right thing at the right time, being good enough, etc. with a lot more ease than I used to, finding balance and time for plenty of self-care, time working on projects, following through on inspired action, completing household chores, etc. I like the compartmentalized division of lots of me time during the day and being a mom/spending time with my kids at night.

The performer in me likes to successfully complete tasks and the perfectionist in me likes a clean house. And, let’s face it, it’s SO much easier to achieve these things (aka let those parts run the show) when the kids are in school or out of the house most of the time. Once again, if you’re a mom, I know you know what I’m sayin’.

But, when the kids are home for loads of time, those internal directors lose their shit and the heat is on!

There are solutions out there. It’s called camp and lots of it!

The problem was I was not in solution mode. I was in freak out mode, all wrapped up in oh no’s, shoulds, coulds, and woulds mode, projecting my fears, pressures, pains, and -oh yes—the mom guilt– onto my life, onto my kids, and onto the present moment.

I knew a lot of what I didn’t want.

But, what about what I did want?

I needed a FRESH perspective! I had to ask myself, what do I really want and how do I navigate this transition challenge with grace and ease?

Well, my fresh perspective started with redefining my idea of challenge and giving myself permission to experience contrast.

I learned several years ago to redefine my idea of challenge to mean growth opportunity, and this has helped me out a lot.

This little shift in language really seems to shift my mind into a fresh & broader perspective. And, I believe, and experience time and time again, that having a broader perspective can make all the difference in how I feel in the present moment now. It also makes a big difference in what I do or do not project onto others and life based on my own thoughts and fears.

From a broader perspective, the false evidence we may otherwise focus on doesn’t appear so real.

Also, from a broader perspective, we can see our own wholeness and that what we are experiencing is just contrast (aka experiencing something we don’t want), and that’s ok. It’s not only ok, it is the fertile ground for growth and expansion.

With every experience of something we don’t want, there is always a new desire that is birthed of what we do want.

Thus, transitions, also known as change, provide some of the best opportunities for growth and expansion.

So, how so we capitalize on them? What do we do when we’re in the thick of the contrast and confused about what we really do want?

Well, amidst witnessing your energy and asking yourself some good questions (we’ll get to them) I recommend taking some time first to Self-Sooth, shift your vibration & open to receive Divine Solutions.

Photo by Natalia Figueredo on Unsplash

Start by TAKING A DEEP A BREATH…or two, or even better, sit and breath for 15 minutes. Maybe use Shatali Breathing from my video last week to invoke a deep sense of calm and to subtly cool the internal flames. Or use Intentional Breathing from the video this week.

As you breath turn it ALL over to the Divine, a loving, omnipotent, highly intelligent power that works on your behalf to orchestrate well-being for you, as you, through you in your life.

Trust that there is a Divine Solution already created by the contrast and all you have to do is align + allow it to unfold for you, through you, as you and all around you.

The creation is already created.

All you have to do is be a vibrational match.

What does this mean?

Just feel good inside and the outside will work itself out.

Ah, yes, sometimes easier said than done, but still worth saying. Let’s say it again, a little differently, so we can better internalize it for ourselves.

If I can just find a way to feel good inside, the outside will work itself out.

Maybe not overnight, but it will work itself out.

And at least you can feel better now. That really does matter, after all, how you feel inside, right now.

It is a big step to show up and witness how a transition actually makes you feel, maybe a little off at first or maybe f*ing crazy.

We now know how this contrast serves us and is a part of our wholeness.

And we know that we get to decide how we want to respond. We get to decide how we want to feel.

When I was journeying through this contrast last week, I took plenty of time to Self-sooth, and I continued witnessing and asking myself some big questions, so I could decide how I want to show up for the answers. I got to address something that felt uncomfortable and uncertain but that was very important to me and the littles whom I love.

What about you? Maybe you’re a mom and you’re feeling it too? Or, maybe you are experiencing some other kind of transition.

Let me share with you some questions that might help you like they helped me.

Shift does happen, so I say bring it on!

{U}nicorn Write

Maybe get out a pen and a journal or piece of paper and see what comes through for you as you ask your Self – the magical you, the {U}nicorn within – these questions.

1.I know this transition (fill in the blank) is giving me an experience of feeling unsettled, uneasy and somewhat frustrated, anxious, and even afraid (fill in the blank), but what is my growth opportunity here?

2.What are the desires that are being birthed?

3.How do I allow myself to experience those more freely and fully here and now?

Be sure and witness any thoughts, ideas and solutions that come to mind, whether negative or positive. I would love to hear what comes up for you. Just hit reply and send me a note!

I can’t wait to hear your responses!


p.s. With regard to one of the biggest forms of transition, I love this quote I just heard recently listening to an audiobook. (Can you guess which one?)

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