If you don’t know, I love F-Words…all of them, including “THE” F~word and more.

My Favorite is one I’ve been leaning on For additional support during these interesting times.  I would say challenging, but you might assume I use the word challenging in the same way as most of us have come to define. I don’t use it that way, not anymore. I reFramed that word some time ago to mean “growth opportunity”.

It serves me to do so.

It helps me to better understand the wholeness of life and to embrace the journey that our souls want to experience by Focusing physically on planet Earth.

 It’s Friday, as I write, and usually I like to celebrate Frisky Friday, but it just feels weird to put that out when so many are in it, really Feeling the Fear and uncertainty.

 So, I won’t say Frisky Friday to you, although it really could be Fitting, depending where you’re at on your journey and if it’s even Friday when I put this out.  🙂 Procrastination is not an F~word, but in my book, it should be, especially when it comes to sharing something rather vulnerable.

For me I like to Find something each day that I can Focus on that does Feel Frisky, and today I Feel Guided to honor this poetry that Flowed through me recently.

 It’s a Fine combination of Fear and Frisky courage that I Feel as I write and know I WILL share this into the world.

 I know it’s beautiful, and I know it’s needed.

We need each other right now.  We need to know there are waves we all experience, to see and honor the shadows and the light, the Frustration and the Forgiveness.

Aha! There it is, my Favorite F~Word and the one that serves me the most during this time.

Forgiveness helps me to allow this to be an experience of grace and to trust that grace will carrying us through.

It helps me to calm the burning Fire inside, which gets pissed about the way others see the world, including the corona virus and wonders why they can’t just reFrame it like I have. 

But, “why can’t they see?!” does nothing in the moment to bless and Feel good to me (or others for that matter, and both matter!).

Forgiveness is a pathway to a different Flame, a different Fuel for my journey.  By choosing Forgiveness, rather than looking out there and letting it consume me, I’m doing my part to change the Frequency on Earth, by looking IN here.

It’s making a difference For me and For my Family.

So, with no Further ado and to Finish what I started when I sat down at my computer, I have a poem to share with you, written in two settings, one at the beginning of the stay home orders and the other after being “in it” for awhile.

Trust me, in between have been waves of many kind including Fury, Frustration, Fear, letting sadness just Flow through like a river and also the Freshness of spring Flowers, Family Fun, deep Forgiveness, invigorating moments of Feeling lifeForce spark, solution and love inFused energy oozing through my system to the core of my DNA.  The result… a new Frequency aligning, a deeper awareness dawning and so much gratitude.  


We’re all home…now what? by Kelci Hart Brock

What to do when the kids are home 

and we’re deemed to stay put now?

I wonder if this is going to be smooth, 

and I really don’t fully see how.


Something serious inside says

we’ve got to get it together.

Got to make the schedule, set our routine;

to my way you will tether. 


That thing cares a lot 

about enforcing every “rule”,

but can’t exactly fix the problem of discord 

when none of us can keep our cool.


Yep, it’s hard to find the balance 

between I and we,

between control 

and let it flow completely free.


When I have one idea,

they may come up with another.

Sometimes I wonder…

why even bother.


Getting on the same page

can feel like lifting heavy stones.

Ahhh, I both love and hate 

being locked up in this home. 


They say home is where the heart is,

but this heart just fucking hurts.

I’m feeling a little crazy

Like I might go batass bizerk.


And, yet, there are other parts of me,

More evolved, 

more conscious & more free.


They say “Bring it on. For we know,

this is exactly what makes for massive 

personal development 

and conscious human growth. 


See the patterns, 

observe the ego, and love it all anyway.

We are infinite, so peace and ease 

will just come along another day.


or in this moment now, 

where there’s just enough space 

for a long quiet pause, helpful for going within 

to re-align with the #1 cause.






In the depths of my inner being,

beyond my heart wall,

beyond the pain, the judgment, the frustration & the should’s, 

I feel the TRUE heart call.


It wants to remind me 

of my wisdom and grace

and the joy that I feel 

when I look at another person’s face.


Yes! HERE!


Ahhh…I moan,

as I sink in deeper 

and hear my soul song.


Forgiveness sets me free.

Grace helps me to see.

Gratitude helps me to know.

Breath helps me to let go,


and raise my vibration

to where I want it to be.




I can feel & heal,

as I pause, breathe & sink in 

to write this poetry.


Fast forward a few weeks in

and I’m really seeing all we have to gain

by slowing down, taking a pause

in order to soak up this gentle, rejuvenating rain.


Rain which comes down 

from the sky.

as the earth perks back up. 

Even the himalayas are now able to say hi!


I can thank corona for 

what it is helping to create.

More time together as a family

surprisingly means less anger, frustration and debate.


There is more time for patience 

and the opportunity to be kind.

To go deep within and truly address 

the fear, the anxiety, the deep stress that is mine.


To stop subconsciously projecting it onto those 

whom I love the most.

To really look within and 

give much needed attention to the holy ghost,


those ghostly parts that I’ve hidden away 

for many years,

because they hurt, weren’t safe for survival 

and were clouded with fears.


But in this time, what is brought to light 

is the wisdom of my Soul 

that I CAN recover, nurture and heal those parts of me, 

which will restore my ability to feel and live as whole.


I can show up that way for myself and in connection with others.

This is the change I wish to see.

To live in love, in peace, with care 

and dance alongside others +  the earth in harmony.


It’s happening in my internal realm.

Into my family it’s rippling out.

Also, the earth is clearing and shining again

I have to believe this is what corona is all about.


Ah, gratitude is absolutely the key, which 

opens the door of possibility.

Through all of this chaos CAN emerge 

a chance for us to live harmonious, happy & free!


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