Lake Time Fun

Boat rides
Summer sun
Loud music
Havin’ fun

Hop on the tube
Livin’ it up
Spark joy &
Fill my cup

Jump in the lake
To get cool
Caring about how I feel
Is the only rule.

This reality offers us
The experience of fun
If we just say yes
And turn it on,

Our ability to lighten up
Receive and allow
Live with more spirit
And a lot more wow!

Hitting a big wave
Sure makes for a big bump
But, will I cry
Or will I jump

Up and down
And squeal with glee.
Yes! I can choose
To feel good, happy & free.

So, this summer I’ll enjoy
A bunch of lake time fun
And my heart will glow
Like a bright shining sun,

Especially when I realize
This all happens without
That fancy boat
I’ll have one day, no doubt.

The boat we use is not fancy, shiny or even real clean.
But, how I feel when I’m on it
Shows me that looks
Aren’t always what they seem.

How I allow myself to feel inside
Is always much more
Important than anything
New and shiny I can buy from a store.

To focus my mind
On a big smile inside
Says life is meant to be fun &
I’m unconditionally enjoying the ride.

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