This is a poem I wrote to honor the feelings inside of me around what it means and might take to embrace collaboration as a way of life…as I acknowledge the piscean age and it’s paradigm & energy of competition, separateness, and disconnectedness, but I simultaneously feel the desire that is being birthed as we move into the aquarian age, the desire to recognize the connection that is innate between ourselves & the divine and between ourselves & each other.

The real truth is being revealed that all is Divine, that we are, as Brené Brown says, inextricably connected.  New pictures of the Universe reveal not separate dots of light but continuity between all points of light. Yes, scientific evidence suggests we are wired for cooperation and we can, through our healed and harmonious heart center begin to collaborate, to share, to touch, and to just live differently than we’ve been living for so long.

Yet, it is a time of creative tension, as we transition and transform from one way of being/experience to another.

This poem illustrates the feelings that may happen during this time of transition and illuminates the hope that is the light at the end of the tunnel as we move into the new era of…



with you,

with me,

with others,

with life.


Collaboration is a circle

where power is autonomous,

equally shared.


It’s a never-ending pursuit,

and no pursuit at all.

It’s the ultimate gift,

and one worth waiting for.


It’s easy and scary,

so collaborate where you land,

for wherever that may be,

collaboration will be at hand.


It’s how the world was made

and what makes it go round.

Naturally, we stand,

united, hand-in-hand.


Heart-to-heart at our core.

Isn’t it time we live more

connected through and through,

and to ourselves be true?


We’re all little children

just wanting to play.

We may have forgotten, and that’s okay.

It’s been a forgotten way.


And evolution happens.

Time guides us on,

or this way or that.

Hopefully, it won’t be long

until we rise together,

bold, brave, at-peace, and strong,





loving, really caring,

fixing what is wrong.


My heart is the doorway,

and so is yours.

Safety is the key,

as is feeling good.


Telling new truths,

and believing them so.

Putting into practice

what we’ve come to know.


It’s time, my friends,

strangers too,

to love, care for, and ascend

the hurt child in you,


the one who wants to play,

but doesn’t remember how.

There’s one who does remember.

Activate that in you now.

Hold yourself,

no matter what,

when you collaborate

or just sit on your butt.


Scared to move,

to speak, to touch.

Remember always

that you’re loved so much


from East to West

through darkness and light,

even on the days, weeks, or years

you don’t shine so bright.

You do, my love,

more than you know.

All of this important.

It’s food to grow,


and growth happens,

whether we see it or not.

In this life or beyond,

it doesn’t matter a dot.


A dot? You are that.

In this vast time and space,

you are always

in the right mind, heart, and place


to be just who you are

and to serve and bless me.

We always work together.

That’s how it’s meant to be,


so it really doesn’t matter

if you’re ready or not.

Be where you are.

Love all you’ve got,


the fear and the love,

everything in between.

Just know that I’m here,

on me you can lean.

Oh, that’s scary to say.

Could I really be ready?

Is it safe?

Is it secure?

Will the path be steady?


Can I go beyond

my little weak shell

into the world

where I could dare fail,

where you may disdain me,

where I can’t really tell


what will happen if I collaborate fully?

I leap. I jump. I fall. I get up.

Confident now in the strength of my cup

to hold, to contain, to always be enough,

to drink and share from my unique, be it little, cup,

and then always, simply, fill back up.


What do you say?

Do your feet long for more?

Do your hands long to be squeezed

with tender heart care?


Do your eyes long to meet

another and stare…

deep into their soul

where one may find

another who is safe,

who is similar to mine?


Well, if it is so,

absolutely go.

Go, stay, just put out your hand.

Another will take hold, or gently land.


The strong and the weak,

the bold and the meek


brought together in love,

all being strengthened with help from above


to live our dear truth

in connection and peace.

Collaboration is the new way.

Now, let’s do it with ease. 

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