When I was little I had horses. My parents still have them at their house out in the country where I grew up. There’s lots of land, pastures as far as the eye can see, and own of my favorite pastimes, as a kid and still today, is to go for a walk in the pasture. There’s all kind of vegetation, but for me it doesn’t feel like braving the wilderness or an rigorous challenge to go for a nice, joyous walk through the pasture. This is because the horses make the trails that are easy to follow, and I do simply enjoy following them. My walk still feels like a daring adventure, as it’s important to watch where I step, I see all kinds of cool things, I feel the beauty and calm of nature, and I can stop and explore off trail whenever I want. I like following the trails, because I get to move with more agility and vigor than on a walk around my neighborhood. But, the path is clear enough to make the journey one of ease make it less likely to step on a rattlesnake! Yikes, snakes! That’s west Texas for you!

Similarly, I’ve found a type of therapy that feels like following horse trails, which isn’t surprising, because it’s sure enough horse therapy.

I love visiting the horses at Horses Heart & Soul, which is horse therapy led by Sara Willerson. These horses have some powerful energy and an amazing ability to support me to be embodied in my true power and to navigate life with more willingness to adventure joyfully, more certainty, more clarity, and more ease.

In this video, I tell of my recent session with them where I showed up feeling like something was missing in my life. I could literally feel it in my solar plexus, the sensations quite uncomfortable, which just means the message was loud. The message to stop and listen, the message to draw everything I needed in, to recognize that my Sat Nam, my True Identity, includes all I need to feel good, happy, free, nurtured, creative, and empowered at any given moment.

Well, the horses showed up and showed me just this. They held space while I listened and embodied all that I thought I was missing or outside of me.

In this video, I share with you my story, my experience, how I recovered and embodied the nurture, love, and care of a mom; the support, guidance, and light of a mentor; the strength, ability, wisdom and security of my power; and the joy, flow, pleasure and expression of my creativity.

Each came with a visual symbol to help me to more easily tap into the essence of each, based on how it feels to me inside, as me. I use these visuals now as anchors to continually feel the embodiment of these frequencies, right here, right now, within and as me. It works, and I just love how the art turned out. There is something really powerful about getting it out of your head and onto paper, no matter how if looks. The process just feels good.

The video is fun. I jump around a bit and even have a visit from some friends out on a run. That’s part of my creative flow, to go for walks, get inspired and record it to share and bless others. It’s in the moment and that feels good to me. I hope you too will enjoy the fruits of my inspiration and be blessed by the energy and wisdom of the horses and Sara.

Hang in there on the video if you can, the juicy stuff comes through towards the end.

Now you have an opportunity to answer these questions for yourself and step further into your own awareness and embodiment.

Do you often feel like something is missing in your life?

Do you struggle with co-dependence, with relying on others to provide the conditions for your own joy to be alive and flowing well?

Do you, like me, desire a journey into freedom, transcending these dis-functional ways of being and embodying all that you truly are, right here, right now?

If your answer is yes, let’s ask a few more questions. I invite you to welcome your own inner guide and helpers to help you in answering these questions and have your own empowerment experience.

What parts of you are you perceiving as outside of you?

What qualities do others reflect or experiences do they help create for you that you are ready to fully embrace all within and for yourself, interdependent of others? This is empowerment, to realize it is all YOU!

What is YOU that wants to be activated more powerfully, more clearly, more brilliantly within yourself and in your life? Welcome whatever you need to fully experience this essence for yourself, maybe a visual or something that can serve as an anchor you can easily use again and again to practice continually drawing this essence right back in to you.

Embodiment, or true alignment, happens in one instant, and it’s also important within our human experience of contrasting duality to make this inner alignment a regular practice.

With intention and practice, these things really can become something that you bring inside, dance with every day and begin to embody and express fully as YOU.

Thanks for joining me along this horse trail! Please share with me how my story blesses you in your journey. I’d love to hear some of your answers to these questions and see some of your visuals, should you feel called to share.

And, if this blessed you and you know someone who it might also bless, feel free to pass it on and share the trail.


Kelci Hart Brock

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