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Hart to Heart Videos to help you wake up, Feel alive and let your life begin to jive. We CAN live healed, whole, and happy lives from the inside out! F~yeah!

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I’m a poet and I know it. 🙂 Inspiring  poetry to spark transformational growth + creative Fun.

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Art is not just about the end product.  It’s about the process. The art process is A. R.eleasing/R.elaxation/R.ejuventation T.echnique that is powerful and transformative.  Let’s reFrame our perceptions of beauty and make art just for the Fun of it!

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HeART Haven

A beautiful space for coming alive inside, for transformation, for embodiment, and for FUN!

yoga ❤️ joy ❤️ love ❤️ life

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Wellness during these interesting times, EFT for lack of stillness: Helpful for finding inner calm. First REALLY be with what’s there using this evidence based technique. Then, feel your inner calm, coherence, ease and the state of wellness that is accessible underneath the layers of business, anxiety and fear.

Ask Your Angels: When something seems lost, just remember to Ask Your Angels and see how it comes your way.



This is a poem I wrote to honor the feelings inside of me around what it means and might take to embrace collaboration as a way of life…as I acknowledge the piscean age and it’s paradigm & energy of competition, individuality, and disconnectedness, but I simultaneously feel the desire that is being birthed as we move into the aquarian age, the desire to recognize the connection that is innate between ourselves & the divine and between ourselves & each other.

The real truth is being revealed that all is Divine, that we are, as Brené Brown says, inextricably connected.  New pictures of the Universe reveal not separate dots of light but continuity between all points of light. Yes, scientific evidence suggests we are wired for cooperation and we can, through our healed and harmonious heart center begin to collaborate, to share, to touch, and to just live differently than we’ve been living for so long.Yet, it is a time of creative tension, as we transition and transform from one way of being/experience to another.

This poem illustrates the feelings that may happen during this time of transition and illuminates the hope that is the light at the end of the tunnel as we move into the new era of…


with you,
with me,
with others,
with life.

Collaboration is a circle
where power is autonomous,
equally shared.

It’s a never-ending pursuit,
and no pursuit at all.
It’s the ultimate gift,
and one worth waiting for.

It’s easy and scary,
so collaborate where you land,
for wherever that may be,
collaboration will be at hand.

Leg Hair

Hairs that grow wild

How I think they should grow

Is not the way

They seem to know

Deep in their core

Their follicles a cure

That life just grows on

Certain and sure 


Trips ~ what they do to my soul

There’s no doubt

My soul stirs and springs to life

When I travel about

Exploring new lands

Like fresh falling snow

Lake Time Fun

Boat rides
Summer sun
Loud music
Havin’ fun

Hop on the tube
Livin’ it up
Spark joy &
Fill my cup


We’re all home…now what?


What to do when the kids are home 

and we’re deemed to stay put now?

I wonder if this is going to be smooth, 

and I really don’t fully see how.


Something serious inside says

we’ve got to get it together.

Got to make the schedule, set our routine;

to my way you will tether. 


That thing cares a lot 

about enforcing every “rule”,

but can’t exactly fix the problem of discord 

when none of us can keep our cool.


Yep, it’s hard to find the balance 

between I and we,

between control 

and let it flow completely free.


When I have one idea,

they may come up with another.

Sometimes I wonder…

why even bother.


Getting on the same page

can feel like lifting heavy stones.

Ahhh, I both love and hate 

being locked up in this home. 



I like to use ART as A Releasing/Rejuvenation/Relaxation Technique.  It’s a great way to infuse color, creativity, and fun into daily life.  And, couldn’t we all use a little more R & R & R!!!

Whether it’s a doodle, a carefully drawn or painted picture, a painting with glass piece that’s infused with hours of energy and love, a gingerbread house, or an (every-time is unique) paint pour, ART can really shift your energy and your life.  

It’s not about making something beautiful, it’s about being beautiful and being creative.  Sometimes I make ugly art, but I get to reFrame that idea. ReFraming my ideas around what’s beautiful, what’s ugly and what’s art sets me free to be the artistic, creative being that I naturally am, with no judgments, pressures or strings attached. 

Art can be a brushstroke on a page, a flower arrangement, a dance, a walk in the park, playing a game with your kids or having sex with your partner.  What is art to you?  And, how can you let go and let your art Flow through with a little more grace and a lot more joy and ease?

Here’s some of my art. Some is for fun or to R&R&R.  To see what’s for sale or can be made custom for you, visit my etsy store (coming soon).

HeART Haven


yoga ❤️ joy ❤️ love ❤️ life

HeART Haven is a sweet and succulent sanctuary where people can come to practice yoga, feel joy, be love and spark life. Come here to come alive! Feel alive and let your life begin to jive!

Come find your spark of beauty, ignite your creativity, empower your life flow, embrace a new vision, practice yoga & meditation, engage in intuitive + healing art, dance and make music, immerse in healing sound therapy, participate in energy healing circles, laugh out loud, love yourself deeper, and more.

HeART Haven was birthed through inspiration and a love for art, science and spirituality.

Let’s first take a look at the art aspect.   Art is creativity, and we are creative beings. Thus, art is a doorway to the soul, to freedom, to expression and to creativity. Pretty much anything can be art. And, when art is thought of and used as A Releasing/Relaxation/Rejuvenation Technique, it can be quite powerful. It can help to release what no longer serves; tap into intuition, wisdom, & clarity; bring the heart and head together in a state of compassion & harmony towards oneself and others; and activate a new vision for one’s life, to name a few.

And now the science aspect. Nikola Tesla said, “If we want to to find the secrets to the universe, we can think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Elon Musk is integrating this into his life experience and coming up with some really groovy results, like preparing to put a man on mars. Wow! And, the Tesla cars, they rock! What will you create with this expanded idea? Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” At HeART Haven, our intention is to support you in raising your vibration, so you can feel better and begin to allow a new, more vibrant, peaceful, and joyous reality into your life experience. With quantum physics it is so (energy flows where attention goes), and we support you in allowing it to be.

Finally, the spiritual aspect. At HeART Haven, we think of spirituality as Divine love that flows in, through, around, for us, and in fact, is us. What we practice is not a religion, but a discipline, a discipline to sink into and embody more love, more inner peace and more pure joy. In a sense, love is our religion (thank you Ziggy Marley). We believe there is value in all paths and all experiences and that true power lies in our ability to experience, grow, expand and ever return to the choice for love here and now. But, how can we have, feel and give love when we’re frazzled, anxious, worried or out of sorts? It happens, let’s just admit it, and in our fast paced world, more often than not. So what is one to do? Well, stop doing and just BE! We can stop and let love, spirit, back in. The fastest way to do this is through the breath. To breathe is to be filled with spirit. Experts say that 99% of our energy comes from our breath, but most of us only utilize 10-20% of that energy. I mean, who actually thinks about their breathing as a viable source of energy?

Well, I bet you will now. And, when you start to really breath and you feel the high vibes, you’ll want to do it more and more. If breath is spirit and energy, what if we really started breathing? What would happen to our energy, our connection, our presence, our spirit and all that it brings?

Come breathe and find out!

But wait! While we’re at it, let’s be clear on what we mean by yoga. This is really good! You’re going to like this.   It’s ancient and, yet, revolutionary in a large portion of our culture today.

Wait for it…

Yoga means Union of mind & body in connection with the breath. Unity!  Yoga, to yoke, not to work out or shape or lengthen or strengthen, but to yoke or access union of the mind, body, spirit (also breath and 99% of your energy) connection. I don’t know about you, but all of me says yes, please, to that!

So, check out our offerings and come light up your connection and your life!


Here is the link to my calendar and class schedule.


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