Two weeks ago I gave a little trailer about transition and promised to blog about my initial realization that summer time required some major change to my daily grind.

I was working on the blog. I was excited to get it out to you as promised. Then, Frisky Friday rolled around, and I flopped. I failed. I F’d up.

Or did I?

The truth is, I was in California visiting a friend and realized I had a choice. Was I going to push myself to make good on my promise of getting the blog out “on time”? Or was I going to let go, turn it over to Spirit, and simply enjoy a Friday of frisky energy for myself?

As I answered these questions, I did so with the awareness of what I wanted to feelinside.

I have the tendency to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself.

And, guess what, it doesn’t work.

It robs me of my ability to be in the flow and feel good now. It stifles creativity and diminishes joy. It’s also just another form of control, that we’ve come to rely on, yet, which isn’t really necessary when we open up and see the Universe as it really is, a spiritual realm that is conspiring in our favor.

So, I chose to take off the pressure and take a frisky friday for myself. The ocean called, and I not only went, I dove right in, dress and all. 🙂

Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

After all, Frisky Friday is frisky Friday regardless of emails, blogs, the cool title I gave it, etc.

Maybe I didn’t fail at all. Maybe it helps to redefine fail to mean:

F un

A ttempt

I n

L earning

It was Frisky Friday, and instead of spending my time in devotion getting a blog about the prior week out to you, I was called to be in the present moment, in devotion with my friend and devotion with the ocean.

In this case, I didn’t just attempt learning, I had fun actually learning that it’s time tolet go of pressure and the beliefs that fuel it. In doing so, creativity can be fully alive and flow in divine timing and order, and I can have a lot more fun in life. Frisky Fridays can be a thing, whether I’m sharing with you that day or not.

I lay it all out in this fun video. (small, so they can see the questions below)

So, what about you?

  • What pressure do you put on yourself?
  • Is it really necessary?
  • What beliefs do you have that propel the pressure and prevent the frisk, the joy, the peace?
  • What beliefs can you integrate more, draw in deeper and live from so that you too can take the pressure off and take on feeling good and enjoying this frisky moment now?
  • What are you going to do to feel good on this Frisky Friday?

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash – Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash -Photo by Jacob Repkoon Unsplash

Synchronicity Soars

Summer Solstice was this week and wouldn’t you know that it had a message for me and also for you.

I knew I was experiencing more grace for myself to take the pressure off and enjoy life a whole lot more, living in the moment, hanging out more with my kids, with friends and doing less, well doing (aka work).

Well, guess what, synchronicity soared when I learned that the energy of Summeris all about being social, enjoying life around others, getting out, getting sun, getting wet, and having fun.

The work of planting has passed with Spring and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor while it’s juicy and ripe. The fall will bring the work of the harvest but that is then.

This, SUMMER, is now. Live it up!

Maybe you can’t live it up every moment of every day. That’s ok!

I don’t know who can, especially in the fast paced world we live in. We are where we are and the contrast is fertile ground for growth and expansion.

What I think we can do now is we can re-learn and remember what it’s like to live more naturally, to be more present and to flow with the seasons that life brings.

We don’t have to do it all at once. The awareness is just the beginning and the unfolding will happen on it’s own on our behalf.

For now, just take a deep breath. Feel into the energy of summer. When you can and do harmonize with it by going out with friends, jumping into water, floating on a raft, taking an evening walk, feeling the sun warm your skin…go a little deeper, milk it a little more, take it into your heart and enjoy every second.

Gratitude is a magnet for the unfolding, so sink in, be grateful for the moments that you do find, & enjoy the energy of summer!

I made this little video for you all about my post on Friday, but it didn’t make it in the email! I hope you’ll watch it and then let me know what resonated for you. Where are you most putting pressure on yourself?

Have a fantastic week, and I’ll see you for this week’s installment of Frisky Friday at the end of the week!


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