Free Guided Spirit Journey

“We’re so glad you’re here!”

The spirit animals want to meet you on this journey.  

They want to bless you with a vibrational reality that can uplift you from the inside out

Join me, as I guide you into their magical realm. We don’t have to go on a physical adventure to explore the magical world of spirit animals.  Our imaginations are a powerful portal for seeing and receiving the energy and messages of these helpful and wise beings.

With the help of the drum and beautiful chime frequencies, we will journey to meet one or more spirit animals. These animals are intuitive and will show up with intention to bless you in ways beyond logic.  All you have to do is open up your imagination and receive their beautiful guidance, blessings & support.

Here’s what they want to say as you embark upon this guided journey.

“When it is power that you need,

we show up to activate within you a little seed.

We water it, nuture it, and help it grow.

Now, let’s explore the powers we can help you to know.”

Ok, if you’re ready to connect with one or more spirit animals and start exploring the powers they want to activate in you at this time, download this free guided journey, open to receive and have fun with me and my spirit animal friends.  

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Free Guided Spirit Journey: Connect with One or More Spirit Animals to Receive Their Guidance, Blessings, and Support For Your Life Path

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