Foundation is such a great F~word. It’s the F~word for giving back, for paying forward, for impacting our future world.

What is EPIC Life Foundation?

The mission of EPIC Life Foundation is to fuel and support innovative educational environments where learners are intentionally guided to care for themselves well, encouraged to freely explore and develop their unique interests and talents, and inspired to engage with others, plus the world around them, in a way that is autonomous, conscious, caring and meaningful to them.

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What does EPIC Life Foundation give?

FundsFinancial donations are used to establish and grow educational environments, which offer a rich, supportive space for children to grow and thrive by empowering them to engage with their interests and the world around them. These intentional educational environments are nurturing, stimulating and diverse. Guided by their own innate intelligence and supported by experienced mentors, skilled volunteers, and resourceful advisors, children can find the freedom to learn in a way that is truly age appropriate and that promotes well-being of the whole-child. This allows children to enjoy life fully now and to grow up to be happy, healthy, and engaged citizens who are empowered and purposeful in living their EPIC life.

Your donations help us value diversity and keep progressive education open to all.

Time – We help match volunteers with unique skill sets who are interested in supporting and nurturing the well-being of the whole child. Interested?

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Cross pollination (think bees, butterflies and beautiful flowers) –

We are excited to be a part of the much needed movement that is education re-form.  If it’s possible for them and for us, it’s possible for you and for your kids. It’s possible for us all! 

Let’s reimagine education and grow this movement together!


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