A Full Moon just perfected in Sagittarius, followed by a lunar eclipse the same day. There is SO MUCH going on right now, in the collective, in the cosmos, in our personal lives, and inside of us all.

Fortunately, the Full moon in Sagittarius is here to help us release old beliefs and patterns of being that no longer serve us.

Have you connected with this yet?

It’s such a great, supportive time to connect, rather than turn away, to lean in, rather than ignore, to love and forgive, rather than blame or shame.

Yes, when we look at what’s there, at what’s been there, we may experience intense emotions.

After feeling waves of sadness and guilt, mixed with clarity and hope over the past week, yesterday I touched a force that rose up in me like a fierce flame of rage. I literally screamed and hit a pillow, stomped my feet on the ground for 10 minutes.

In the past, this would have made me feel crazy, but not anymore.

It’s a part of our human experience to FEEL emotion.

And, if we go back in time to the root of the problem, we find heaps and heaps, centuries and centuries of oppression, domination and projection. It’s woven into our DNA and into the very structures of which we live.

So, we get to ask, where have I participated in systems of oppression and domination? In what ways do I tend to project pain and powerlessness onto others? What do I need to release, so I can heal? What do I need to learn, remember and embody now so I can live as a healed, whole and happy being of great worth and value and courageously show up to help others do the same?

As we as these questions, let us remind ourselves that healing is not only possible, it is also supported by both seen and unseen forces.

In the past, I couldn’t have handled all of that rage, so I would’ve turned to controlling the world around me instead, doing more harm than help, creating more of the same old thing, me a victim, them a victim, me a perpetrator, them a perpetrator, all in need of a savior.

But, now I know that really feeling rage (not suppressing, safely containing, and partnering with it) can unlock a flood of wisdom and help to transform a sense of powerlessness into a real embodied state of being empowered, connecting us to our innate strength and inner salvation, increasing our ability to be an advocate for both ourselves and for others.

I believe learning how to feel and partner with our emotions is one big step anyone can take to be the change. I’ve learned so much from Sara Willerson and her herd of horses on this topic. You can find them at www.horsesheartandsoul.com.

They also continue to teach me so much about lines of connection, first and foremost, our connection with the earth, with our roots and with all of our innate power as a Divine creative being, a part of the connected, yet individuated whole.

So, as this apocalypse unfolds (apocalypse means lifting of the veil), take some time to let yourself see and then to deeply connect, to listen, to soften, to open, to forgive where forgiveness is needed, to move and breathe when you feel intense emotions, to smile at your own (likely oppressed) wildness and beauty, and to choose. Choose love. Choose to care. Choose peace. Choose to give yourself the nourishing comfort you need, so you can courageously be the change you wish to see.

I am being guided to see how important comfort is to the equation, but not comfort, like, let’s just keep the status quo. No! In my opinion it has to go! That’s why these things are coming up front and center, so we can see, heal and change, so something new can dawn and we can move forward to create a new reality that is more just, that values individuality, while honoring our unity, uniqueness and the glorious worth of every human.

When I say comfort here, I’m talking about inner comfort that is like the comfort a tree has knowing it’s root system is so grounded, so strongly connected with the earth that the wind can blow through it’s branches, but it stands tall and strong and firmly rooted in it’s place.

Trees are a great support during this time. Wood is the element in qi gong that helps to transform the emotion of anger into empowerment and advocacy and trees hold ancient wisdom that can simultaneously understand, transmute and lift us up during a time like this.

Helpful practice: Take a few minutes whenever you can to touch and connect with the energy of a tree, whether in physical form or functionally using your imagination. Notice what you feel, what you hear and the frequency that wants to be transmitted to you from the wisdom of the tree.

Here’s a little tree and horse magic for you, a picture taken on the land where I grew up.










Finally, remember to breathe. In order to use the rage I felt for true release and energy activation, I moved my body and I breathed. Breathing reminds us of spirit and of our connection to Source, to our worth and to infinite possibility and creativity . It keeps our heart open to love, our hips to joy & pleasure and our belly open to being centered in our own True power, so we can make strong and healthy choices and be the change we wish to see.


As synchronicity would have it, I needed to pause this writing so Evie could use my computer. I stepped away to finish a full moon forecast broadcasted earlier this week by Astrology Hub for their Inner Circle, and they ended with a talk by Michael Beckwidth. It is amazing and of course, synchronicity soars.

Towards the end, he talks about rage and leads us in an exercise that allows us to use the energy of rage to create what we do want.

It’s very powerful and feels really good!

Helpful practice: Maybe watch the video and give it a try. I recommend listening to the whole talk, beginning at 41:00. It’s about 40 minutes of pure inspiration! For just the rage discussion & practice, which is so synchronistic, begin at 1:01.)

As you move, move for the sacred, for those who have sacrificed their physical bodies so we can see and move towards change. Honor them. Move for your wild and open heart. Honor it. Move and find freedom right where you are.

And then see what happens.

Here is a clip from the Astrology Hub newsletter describing the magnitude of Michael’s talk. One of the things I love about it is how he honors George Floyd and others who have lost their lives to racial violence as a sacrifice, sacrifice meaning sacred. In the realm of sacred, we can honor, see, love, hear, resource, and step up and into much needed action so change CAN and WILL happen. So, humanity can correct and move forward to live in a reFreshed and reFramed way, Fueled by love & hope and Furthered by connection & realization that change can be a reality.

Michael says…

“There is an evolution of consciousness that’s trying to take place. Of course there is no bypass to get to the next level of awareness. There’s rage, there’s anger, there’s emotionality, there’s scar tissue that hasn’t been healed, there are wounds that people have carried over the years and generations…

I’m asking this: on one level for my African-American brothers and sisters to tap into the power of our ancestors, even the ancestors before the history of slavery… to begin to feel that frequency and vibration.

I’m asking our white brothers and sisters to tap into the ancestors of their abolitionist forefathers. Those that said we’re not going to live with this system…

And every culture has ancestors that fought for justice, freedom and right action. Tap into these ancestors and do you know what you’re going to bump into? You’re going to go beyond the ancestral realm, beyond the angelic realm, and into the pure consciousness of God. Where we all meet.

And we will have a downpouring of light and luminosity and we’ll begin to see together, a global pentacost, meaning everyone will hear it according to their own language, and their own perception, the great possibility that we can all live in. This apocolyptic moment that is the end of one world and the birth of another. The veil being lifted to see what’s been hidden. The dust swept under the rug for so long that it’s brewing anger and spewing rage.

You’ll be the ones that can see. And you’ll ask what is it that’s mine to do? What is my gift? Let me not waste it. What is my talent? Let me not waste it. And then you’ll be an ambassador of love at this time, love is the healing balm here, you see, and your gift will be wrapped in love. Your talent will be wrapped in love. Because you have to ask yourself, what world do I want to live in? And then you have to actually BE that frequency! You’re not going to live in a world that you’re not carrying already in yourself because the only God you meet is the God you harbor.”

To watch his entire talk click the link here. It’s about 40 minutes of pure inspiration. Michael has an incredible ability to cut through the noise and face the issues in a way that brings us TOGETHER.

(Select the 9:00 AM service and his talk begins at 41:00.)

With tender love and conscious care,






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