“Mommy, What’s the F~Word?” -Book- 


Mommy, What’s the F~Word?: Fierce Truth for Finding Freedom Right Where You Are

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A couple of years ago, my son, Benjamin, age 7 at the time, asked me the big question, 

“Mommy What’s the F~Word?”  

I really had to pause and consider my inner reaction. 

I could answer the way I was taught to think of it. That might feel easy but somehow yuck.  

Or I could be honest and tell the fierce truth of how I think of the word now, how I use the word, how others may think of it and how others may or may not use it.  

I chose the fierce truth.  

“Baby, it’s F*ck!”  

“And,” I added, “there are so many F~words. Let’s talk about F~words. Shall we?”  

And that was just the beginning. I fell in love with F~words. I began exploring how I could use F~words to help me find freedom right where I am and to bring fuel, fresh perspectives and fun into all areas of life.  

I also decided to write a book about it.  

That was a few years ago.  

Yep, it’s been a minute.  

Amidst the frustrations and frills of life, I’ve wondered it this project would actually come into a sharable form.  

But, after a little spirit nudge, I’m clear and committed to bring this project to full fruition. And, I’ve realized it wants to be shared along the way in all of its forms, in the name of celebrating the creative process of flow, freedom, frustration (at times) and fun. 

You know what freezes us up or at least causes enough friction to stifle creativity???  

Well, for me it’s, thinking I have to do it (my juicy, fun, creative project) all at once or being afraid to do it at all for fear that it will be silly or just not good enough and be rejected by others.  

Knowing this information gives me freedom, and I love feeling free! I love finding freedom right where I am (hence the sub-title). I also want to stay frisky and allow my creativity to freely flow while moving forward on the path of sharing this fabulous creation.  

That’s why you’ll be hearing about my fun project/book baby, Mommy, What’s the F~Word?: Fierce Truth for Finding Freedom Right Where You Are, little by little as I flow along. 

Also by Kelci: Available now!

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