Spirit Animals Say

In a shamanistic view of the world, everything has a consciousness. Everything is connected. Everything is here to help serve the growth and expansion of the whole.

This includes animals. There is an animal world that goes beyond the physical. It is the magical & magnificent world of spirit animals!

This book is a fun and beautiful way to begin introducing kids (or yourself) to animal spirit guides. This is a magical world that exists to guide and bless each of us in ways beyond logic.

Spirit animals say, “Get ready! Power up!”
call us in and fill your cup

with. . .


We work magically. That means in seen and unseen ways beyond logic. We like to show up magically to help, guide, and bless you on your life path.



“Kelci, along with her spirit animal friends, has produced a fun, playful, and beautifully illustrated book that highlights the gifts of these spirit animals through her poetry. Children and adults will be delighted in how the spirit animals communicate through these pages. What a great way to introduce children to the world beyond the physical.”
–Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Animal Spirit Guides and Children’s Spirit Animal Cards

Paperback version available now! (link)

Collector’s edition coming soon!

Also, visit our store (coming soon) for fun Spirit Animal prints, tees, journals and more.

Kelci is also the author of the forthcoming book Mommy, What’s the F~Word?: Fierce Truth for Finding Freedom Right Where You Are.

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