Last year something bad happened….

I lost the boat keys.

The one set of keys to my Dad’s new (used) (big – I can’t believe I can even drive that thing!) pontoon boat.

I had them when I parked it, and now I couldn’t find them.

They weren’t in my bag. We had searched the boat and they weren’t in the boat.

Then Evie, age 4, reminded me that I handed them to her before getting off the boat.

And she couldn’t remember what she did with them.

Oh no! That meant she probably dropped them in the nasty boathouse water getting off the boat.

I was worried and anxiety was welling up inside. Panic attack setting in.

And then I was simply reminded to ask my angels for help. Watch this video to see what happened with the boat keys.

Can you say ?!


So, next time you think you’ve lost something, remember…

“Nothing is lost in the mind of God.” ~Doreen Virtue

Just ask your angels, say thank you, and see what happens next.

Most of the time I find what it has been misplaced. Sometimes I believe it even happens through the veil in miraculous ways beyond logic (like the boat keys).

Sometimes, though, I don’t find what I’ve misplaced, but what I gain is worth so much more. Letting go and realizing that I always have what I need inside is a beautiful thing too.

Either way, asking your angels brings all you need into your conscious awareness and often your viceral reality.

Thank you angels!

I’m so glad I didn’t have to call my dad and tell him I lost the boat keys or decide to go looking in the watery muck before I asked my angels to show me what they could do.

They can do a lot. You just have to ask.

What do you want to ask your angels for today?

As for me, on this Frisky Friday, I’m off to the lake, and I’m for sure taking my angels with me!

Happy holiday weekend!


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