About Kelci

I always had a sense there was something of the spiritual, something more to life than meets the eye. But me, I thought, I was what you see in that picture, the flesh, the blood, the bones, the fears, and sometimes, quite often, the tears.

Then, the time came to wake up!

To experience more of me, the non-physical part of ME. To feel, to flow, to be healed, to be the free spirit that I was born to be.

I used to think things just were as they were, and often there to punish me as a result of my own misbehavior or wrong doing. Everything was happening “to” me, not “for” me.

Then I woke up. Actually, I’m waking up. It’s kinda both, all at the same time.

I started to see that everything was in fact happening “for” me, that nothing is bad or good, right or wrong. It just is – an experience that provides contrast so I can indeed be, grow, and expand. I remembered that I am whole, always have been and always will be and everything is indeed happening “for” me. As The Alchemist by Pauelo Cuelo so beautifully illustrates, the Universe is always conspiring in my favor.

I used to write in my journal, and it was a sad, sad song. Can you say country music at it’s finest?! 🙂

Then I woke up and realized there is a way to be happy and find serene peace within at any moment. Joy is now my song, and my journal is filled with more gracious observations amidst uplifting poetry and focus flower frenzies, my artistic way of unconditionally finding and flowing my own unconditional joy no matter what.

I used to dread living life. Seriously, I’d just rather die than be here and deal.

Then I woke up. Actually, I’m waking up. And, it’s kinda both, all at the same time.

I realized death is the greatest illusion. I read books and found healers & mentors that helped me see life and myself differently. After reading The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, I found a healer/mentor to support me in implementing what I had learned. I didn’t expect what she asked me on the first call, but it changed everything. She asked me, “Kelci, do you know who and what you are?” I gave the answer that I believed at the time, a mixed jumble of words that were outdated to my soul, clearly or I wouldn’t have been led to this lady and I wouldn’t have chilled all over and broken down into joyful tears when she said, “You are Infinite. You are a part of the Infinite Mind of God.” I tell you my heart expanded 10 feet wide in that very moment, and my life has never been the same.

Not to say I haven’t still struggled with living life, trust me I have and do, but more and more I am remembering how to feel alive and let my life begin to jive. After all, life goes on and on and is much more than I once believed it to be.

I now know that being healed, whole and happy is fully accessible at any moment and that life wants me to thrive. This sets me free.

In some ways, waking up is this easy, and in other ways, it’s not.

The good thing is, it’s worth it, and the other good thing is, there are many tools and practices to help us during our experience of awakening and in living a healed, whole and happy life.  

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