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“I support people in embodying the energy and essence of who they really are, bridging any vibrational gaps between who they really are and how they show up in their life experience, so they can feel their joy, know their worth and empower themselves to live healed, whole, and happy lives from the inside out.”

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Meet Kelci

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m an explorer of LIFE, and am passionate about using my experiences to serve and bless others who are awakening to explore their own lives more deeply, to remember how to feel good & how to dance in the rain with authenticity, power & grace.

I use all of these wonderful elements to support and enliven myself and others to align with who we really are and embody more of our Sat Nam – our True Identity – in order to live more peaceful and fulfilling lives.

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“If you go for a walk with a botanist you will start looking at flowers and plants and trees through their eyes and see something very different than you would normally see. Taking a walk with me is going to draw someone’s awareness to something they might not have noticed before. The moment awareness touches an energy, the energy begins to change.”

~ Michael Becherer, strategyforevolution.com

Here’s How I Can Help

Frequency Attunement

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Yoga, Meditation & Embodiment

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Powerful Re~Frames that work

to help you feel better fast

I love sharing inspired videos that encourage, inspire, reFrame and help us 

come alive so our lives can really begin to jive. They’re feminine. They’re fun, and they’re FREE!

To book me, or have me teach to your team, group or organization, connect with us here.

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