The Team

Did you know that by flying together in a V-formation, the whole flock of geese can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy than if each goose flew alone.

Yep! That’s why I have a team, and I call in the energy of the goose often to help me navigate this thing and make sure we’re communicating and working together so we can all soar and have a lot of fun doing so!

First and foremost, I work with a Divine team that consists of non-physical beings, such as spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. I always call in the Guidance of the highest Truth and Compassion. I also have three furry friend helpers (Poco, Georgia & Shiner Brock), instruments, nature elements, and energetic art pieces that support and help me in my healing work.

Andrea Ward Berg

I am blessed to have an amazing business manager & content alchemizer, Andrea Ward Berg. Check out her website here. I love what all she does in the world, besides supporting me.

Basically, Andrea and I are partners in…crime. Just kidding, although I’m pretty sure we could get in some trouble together if we wanted too.

We met at Spirit Junkie Master Class Level 2 training in 2015 and further connected our dots a few months later the same year at another SJMC event. We stayed in a gorgeous Brooklyn Brownstone, which Andrea swooped in to find, when I was struggling on that note. We connected that weekend over what my partner does with Goodthink, Inc. and corporations and her corporate experience at GE. I had some major breakthroughs that weekend. I think we all did. It was magical.

Well, Andrea and I started connecting over the phone a lot! We supported each other through thick and thin. Fast forward 3 years, and here we are, collaborating in a new way and having our same big doses of fun and spiritual aha’s.

Andrea has been an amazing supporter, affirming my dreams and desires. She held space as what once felt to me like a pressure pushing, ego-power pumped passion trip transformed into a simple willingness to answer my soul call, to play, to be inspired, to trust, to share, to collaborate and to bless along the way.

She has been a friend and guide and now I’m blessed to have her as my content alchemizer. As creative beings, we can do anything, but as collaborative, heart-centered human beings, we don’t have to do it all on our own. We can enjoy our strengths and pass the flame off to another who can use their strengths to move the flame along on its path.

I’m finally realizing that I love creating content (and writing…can you tell?) It flows easily and lights me up with joy. Now that I feel confident sharing it, I decided to let someone else alchemize it into a form, so that it can be shared beautifully, easily, clearly, and consistently.

To learn more about Andrea, visit her website and blog here.


Jordan Brock

“I am a football player.” These 5 words won my heart.

Just kidding! I rolled my eyes (what a come-on line), and hoped I wouldn’t have to ever talk to him again. If I saw him at one drink fountain, I went to the other.

Then we ended up riding in the same truck to a class ski trip, and he really did win my heart, calling me princess and giving me piggy back rides through the snow.

We went on to get married 1.5 yrs later. We were 20. Wow! I know, young, huh!

Well, we’ve grown a lot together through the years, amidst a roller coaster of ups and downs.
But, we’re both pioneers. We both care about living healed, whole and happy lives from the inside out. Our relationship provides fertile ground for seeing our old, limiting, and dysfunctional patterns, and we’re up for the challenge, which simply means growth opportunity. Our growth opportunity is to live with more peace, ease, trust, empowerment and interdependent connection, to awaken our creative consciousness and merge it with pure awareness.

Together we grow. Together we care. Together we share.

Jordan has been in the growth and development industry for 8 years now, representing and growing the business of speakers such as Shawn Achor. He’s great at what he does, and now we’re beginning to explore what we can do together, write books, develop workshops, etc.

I love and appreciate Jordan. I’m grateful for his partnership and to have him in my life.

Benjamin & Evie

Bright shining stars and my best teachers. These two have activated so much in my life, including greater awareness, emotional understanding, acceptance, maturity, liberation, groundedness, clarity, patience, kindness, and of course, fun! They join my in some of my videos and really help bring daily living (i.e.the beautiful mess) and heart connection to life.

Conscious collaboration is where it’s at, and to collaborate consciously, we must be centered in our power, grounded & connected with the earth, and clear & open in our hearts.

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