Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. ~Albert Einstein

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ~Nikola Tesla

On my path of awakening I’ve reFramed how I see reality and experience life. Here’s how I define the things that affect my journey the most.  Some are those areas that provide Fertile ground for growth and development, and some are the ideas and tools I  use to support myself and others in living healed, whole & happy lives.

quantum physics, metaphysics, vibrational healing, spirituality, shamanism, kundalini yoga, tantra & sexuality, meditation, motherhood, marriage, entrepreneurship, play, positive psychology, dog training

quantum physics, metaphysics, vibrational healing, spirituality

I love that there are updated scientific discoveries that answer the question “Who are we?” physically and non-physically, seen and unseen.  I love expanding my perceptions and how I connect with and through life and death. I love heart wisdom and finding heart-head harmony, total mind coherence (unity) and light.  I’m all about Lovingly Igniting my Greatest and Highest Truth (LIGHT) and letting that carry me through transitions of all kinds. I also believe in and love exploring our healing abilities.  Jesus said, “This and more will you do.” Well….I’m setting out to do this and more – for myself and for others.

I’m also passionate about bridging the gaps between Christianity and Cosmic Energy and between religion and spirituality, simply because I’ve done so for myself and this has set my mind and heart free of the burden of being right, while others are wrong.  “We are one” is not just a spiritual idea, it is proven now by scientific discoveries. These things are amazing tools to help us live the lives of peace and harmony that feel good and are our natural spiritual birthright if we so choose.


The belief that everything has consciousness and the mystical exploration and application of our connection to nature, to imagination, to lifetimes beyond this one, to each other, to animals, to all that is. Everything is energy and energy can be affected by our own conscious choice and focus.

kundalini yoga

This is known as the yoga of awareness – it’s a little more advanced than the style of yoga that we typically see in the west, but it’s easy enough for anyone to do.  It wakes you up and builds your internal awareness by awakening creative consciousness (what the Indians called kundalini or shakti (feminine) energy) and merging it with pure awareness. It initiates the life-force, is rejuvenating, freeing, nurturing and transformative. It’s different, deep, meditative, amazing! a powerful mind, body, spirit technology for getting us through this digital age with our sanity in tact!

My spin on kundalini yoga is my own.  I appreciate and utilize kundalini yoga practice as taught by Yogi Bhajan, who brought it to the west and delivered it in a very prescribed way, and I’ve also studied with a teacher who taught me the traditional kundalini tantra, a more meditative and energy focused practice. Fortunate to learn both methods, in addition to energy medicine modalities and Oneness Blessing, I recognize that “a rose by any other name will still be a rose” ~ Shakespeare.  I believe it’s all one, all relevant to the extent that it works for the individual.

So, I just let the energy be the energy and the yoga be the yoga ~ a deep inner experience that is the union of mind, body and breath, which is spirit. My style of yoga is becoming my own.  

I think of it as two things at various times…

  • iYoga – yoga that is intuitive, inspired, inward focused, reveals the infinite being that we are 
  • F~it yoga is what I call it when I say F~it to having to do things someone else’s way entirely.  Instead, I allowing myself to be intuitively guided and let it be what it wants to be – today. F~it is fun, as it merges many awakening practices into one unique, supportive, enlivening + aligning practice for that day.  It’s feminine, it’s free, it’s frisky and it’s ultimately all about how it feels in the moment.

tantra & sexuality

Tantra sometimes gets a bad wrap in the yoga world and otherwise, but in my experience – it’s amazing and an amazing tool for harmonizing and blessing a marriage or romantic relationship.  Tantra, as I’ve heard it defined, simply means using the senses to transcend the mind, while embodying profound inner peace and/or sensational bliss.  

Yep, told ya!  It’s amazing! Follow me and subscribe to my newsletter if you’re curious.  I’ll be including some romantic partner tantra work from time to time. 

Our sexuality is an important part of our feminine, juicy, succulent, primal, creative energy and life-force (which we all have, male and female). And, we live in a society that learns about sexuality in mostly unhealthy, suppressed or stifled ways.  I’m opening up to sexuality as a healthy expression of who I really am and hope to share and help others to do the same. 


what creates space and allows me to find peace within so that I don’t go crazy


the main reason I might go crazy 🙂

For me motherhood has been my greatest teacher.  It’s brought up all my sh*t. My kids are amazing teachers. They challenge me in so many ways.  To reFrame that means they give me many opportunities to empower myself, grow and expand, to choose presence, mindfulness, allowance, trust and love over fear, control, going crazy and/or wanting to pull my hair out.


the other reason I might go crazy 🙂

Married at age 20, it’s been a long haul full of ups and downs.  Relationships in general are good at bringing up sh*t and marriage is up there on the list. It’s really a miracle that I’m still married and the truth is I choose it because it’s cool to have a partner to grow with (if he/she is on board with that).  Jordan wasn’t at one time but now he is. There are opportunities for so much growth, expansion, love, devotion, commitment, care, and of course, pleasure, which is where tantra comes in handy.


and, a 3rd reason I might go crazy 🙂

The way of the millennial, an awesome way to work and live, yet not as easy as it seems, especially when you’ve grown up being told what to do when and getting praise and recognition from parents, teachers and others outside of you.

That’s me.

But, it’s a fun endeavor to find my own way of doing this thing, to be inspired, to act, to let go and to trust, to find and appreciate balance between effort and relaxation, to check my effort to make sure it’s not laced with negative emotion, which is force, struggle or pressure, but rather fueled by the intent to bless & serve while being frisky, fun, and in the flow.

Ultimately, my intention as an entrepreneur is to do my part and let the Universe do the rest, to do what I do not because I need something but because I have everything I need and this is what I want to joyfully do and share with others in order to truly bless as I am blessed.

I want to believe and show others that there is more at work here than meets the eye, that there is a Divine Force that can work on our behalf to always provide.  We can do what we love and let the law of attraction do the rest.


“Play with me mom,” I used to hear all the time.  “Not right now, I’m busy,” would be my response. But why?  Why is it so hard for us adults to play?

I don’t think it’s hard, it’s just that we’ve forgotten, which just means all we have to do is remember.

Why not remember and let everything be play?  All of it. We are actors and actresses in this drama, this dream, after all, so why not play with intention and let life be a lot more fun?!

how I enjoy play

in my daily life & work – If it’s not enjoyable, I don’t do it, or I find a way to make it fun (with music, dancing, audio books, etc.)

in my imagination – close your eyes.  Imagine you are walking to the fridge, you grab the smooth, hard, cool handle. You open the fridge and a drawer and pick up a lemon.  You smell the soft, silky, yellow rind and take it over to the counter, where you cut it with a knife. Now you take a slice and put it onto your tongue.  

Notice what just happened.  You were in your imagination, going through the motions and when you “tasted” the lemon in your imagination only, your body responded with a scrunched up face and extra saliva in your mouth.  Didn’t it? Mine does it every single time.

The thing is, the mind can’t tell the difference between a viscerally lived experience or an imagined one and the body, connected to the mind, reacts accordingly.  Thus, imagination is a very powerful tool. It’s how I manifested my first baby and it’s a fun way to feel the way I want to feel unconditionally, right now, in any moment. Check out this video about how I manifested my first baby. (can say this or just highlight and link the part “how I manifested my first baby”)

with my kids – Why not?  They’re really good at it and they help me remember how to play more freely.  Plus, this really builds connection and a sense of security and confidence in each and all.  Yes, play boosts my sense of security, confidence, trust and freedom and theirs too. It’s so worth it and it works!

What do you do with your kids that feels like play?

We love to dance in the rain (or, anywhere, really), build Legos and jump on the trampoline. Check out this funny video about my mommy moment of jumping on the trampoline in the rain.

positive psychology

I’ve been exposed in a unique way to positive psychology.  My dear friend Shawn Achor is a leader in the field and wrote some awesome books on the subject.  His wife and sister are also rockstar authors and speakers on the topic.

Personally, I combine the things I’ve already described above with the research around positive psychology to conclude that what we focus on grows.  Our thoughts and feelings do create our own reality. Wow! That is powerful! Yet, it’s so important to also remember that positive is one end of a whole spectrum that exists simply so we can grow and expand as Source Energy.  It is all holy. Positive psychology simply helps us make sense of some of this stuff that we experience and provides us with tools to create the reality that we want to create and think and feel the way we want to feel.


dog training

The Cesar Millan method of dog training introduced to me by the DFW Dog Whisperer has recently rocked my world.  

Of course, dog training would be all about me and my energy!  Well, I’m changing my energy, my intention, my resolve and guess what, it’s working.  My dogs are now calmer, more balanced and well. Plus, I’m back to walking everyday, joyfully & peacefully, without being circled or tripped up by retractable leashes every 5 seconds. 

Biggest take away.  I matter and my energy has an effect on everything around me.  Also, where we’re guided is always an important stop along our unique life path and makes our journey the destination. (written in spring of 2018)

And then summer 2018 rolls around and…I get a 3rd dog…Why…I don’t know (although I do).  I like challenges and this is a BIG one.  Having a puppy is no joke, especially one that can jump baby gates, raids the pantry, knocks over ever trashcan in the house multiple times a day, harasses the old dog, and can be found in the kitchen trash anytime it’s left open. Yep, my dog training methods aren’t working the same for this dog, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m feeling frustrated and am not showing up with the confidence I need to be effective at transmitting the energy that signals I am the confident alpha and I trust myself.  I’m in transition and it’s okay.  At least I’m honest.  It’s not a cakewalk, but it’s an area for personal growth, development and expansion, so I’m taking the challenge. Stay posted.



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